Zack Attack (a.k.a. Friends Forever)

AO: Rubicon

When: 04/11/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (10): Cox, Dipstick, FannyPack, Groundhog, Irene, Jump Seat, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Special K


While False Start continues to heal he asked for a backup Q. I heard the call and now that the back is healed up (hopefully for good) I knew I could throw together a quick workout but a random gif choice, a quick rabbit hole down wikipedia and suddenly a theme emerges boosted by False Start giving part of the thang.


While Special K plants A flag and Fanny Pack is locking up his car we do a lap around the lot for some SSH, WP, HBs, and arms.

The Thang:

Down to the playground for Role Call. Pax line up and two at a time pax do pull ups while the rest do mercans. Rather than count, call out character names from the show. It became evident very quickly who maybe spent way too much time in front of their tv (me) and who had actual lives with friends (literally everyone else). No shame though. I was smart enough not to get involved with caffeine pills.

2nd up we head to the Field of Dreams, aka the MAX. Four corners mucho chesto style with Mercans And XFactors (look it was short notice Q, not everythings a winner)

Fanny pack stumps me with trivia that I was close on but just missed such as Zacks mom going to the Peter Paul and Mary show, or the time Zack tried to join the Rigmas (not Sigmas). But nobody knew the Radio Station call letters.

Off to the ATTIC (the club that Zack and gang get a fake id and you have to be 18 to be at and they bust Jeff the cheater, who should not have even been with Kelly, i mean wtf….), as provided by False Start. In the pool lot we do blimps style with 18 reps of each:

American Hammers
T Mercans (Should have been third T to reduce the number, abandoned this after three rounds or so)
Twinkle Toes
Imperial Walkers
Carolina Dry Docks

Called it early to head back for some Mary. Missed a chance to relive an item from my VQ where I made everyone plank while the theme song played (a one minute song). Maybe next time….


Solid Group for a Tuesday. Great to see all the faces again and to be back at it.

Prayers for False start, the McKenny family, FannyPacks family

New Site Q tease for next week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Hey hey hey hey, Always a pleasure to lead here!

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