Goood Friday / Passover

AO: Galaxy

When: 04/07/2023

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (7): Fenway, Fireball, LiMu, McLovin (Amir Oren), Sparky, Tweaker, Wideright


With this week being Holy week we decided to combine the Q this AM.  With a Good Friday and Passover BD.  Since QIC is still on the DL no runnig was done.


  • Weedpickers
  • Abe Vigodas

The Thang:

Good Friday Workout Passover
Jesus Condemned to Death Walking curls Baby Moses on the nile
Jesus Carries his cross Walking overhead press Moses in the house of the Pharaoh
Jesus Falls for the first time Burpees Moses gets a lisp via a hot coal
Jesus Meets his mother Mary Mary with coupons Moses kills the taskmaster
Simon helps Jesus carry the cross Lunge walk Moses Flees Egypt
Veronica wipes the face of Jesus Shoulder taps Moses and the burning bush
Jesus falls for the second time Double Thrust Burpees Moses pleads the Pharaoh for the Israelites
Jesus meets the weeping women of Jerusalem 3 min Plank God delivers 10 plagues unto Egypt
Jesus falls for a third time Triple Merkin Burpees Moses leads the Exodus out of Egypt
Jesus’ clothes are taken away Squats Moses parts the Red Sea
Jesus is nailed to the cross Wall Sit Moses receives the 10 commandments
Jesus dies on the cross Lateral Hold Moses hits rock for water instead of speaking to it like God commanded
Jesus is taken down from the cross Dips Moses gets to see promised land but not enter as a punishment
Jesus is placed in the tomb Heels to Heaven Moses dies at 120

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