A Beatdown like no other – Masters Theme

AO: Jericho

When: 04/07/2023

QIC: Benny

PAX (6): Benny, DDoS, F3_VonTrappe, Napalm, Olaf, Soul Glo


It is Masters week and for the event known as “A Tradition unlike any other”, we need “A beatdown unlike any other”


Mosey to concession stand near baseball fields.


Weed picker


willy mays Hayes

The Thang:

count off 1,2 and Mosey to football field.

2 teams

2 hula hoops

1 golf ball per team

put hula hoops in middle of field.  1 person from each team stood on 30 yard line and tried to throw their golf ball closest to their hula hoop.

closest only did 25 of the below exercise, loser did 35.  5 rep penalty for missing circle on field.

M – Merkins

A – Air Squared  Air chair (People’s Chair without the wall) combined with air claps in cadence.

S – Star Jumps

T – Travoltas In the normal right/left arm up plank position, raised arm is lowered and reaches as far as possible underneath and behind your body, and then back up. Think Stayin’ Alive in the side plank position. Extra credit for actually using a pointed finger.

E – Elevated Plank

R – Reverse Crunch

S – Side – Straddle Hop Burpees – Perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops in cadence, then drop and do 2 Burpees. Once you are finished with Burpees, continue Side-Straddle Hops in cadence. Normally done in F3 Columbia in sets of 25.


Praise for Soul Glo and lead he has for possible internship

prayers for sister of Benny.

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