Coriolis Effect?

AO: Norseman

When: 04/06/2023

QIC: Stu

PAX (9): AWOL, Bottom Bunk, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Knight Rider, muTTon, TMI, TO


Plenty of headlamps to go around but now Walkie-Talkie sighting. Be careful out there men.



Mosey to a softball field then some motivators, imperial walkers, and weedpickers

The Thang:

Hard a hard time finding the trail. No worries…..just made  our own.

Grabbed some coupons and on the turf field.  OYO circuit with exercises and running laps.

Lack of clarity with the instructions on which way to run the lap so half of us were from north of the equator and half were south.  Ask @TMI

No time for Mary



Cross ruck, prayers for TMI’s travelling M and all the travelling spring breakers

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great TNT from TO reminding us of  all the gift of spending time with our families versus competing priorities.    Thanks for your patience.  Well attended DD coffeeteria that followed.  Congrats to @longshank for his recent wedding and @TO for his 59th birthday.

Honor to lead!

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