keep it moving

AO: Meathouse

When: 04/04/2023

QIC: Angus

PAX (4): Dinghy, McCracken, Jocko


With the 2 high holidays of Passover and Easter this week.  I think some sweat penance is in order.  Grab our ruck packs and blocks and get ready to move.  This workout would take us to some of the choicest elevation features around town center.  We would see stairs, a few ramps, a steel bridge and lots of reps


warm up of 10x windmills, weed pickers, hillbilles, squats, Michael Phelps, Moroccan night clubs

The Thang:

combo farmer carry/Zamperini to the base of 3 separate elevation features.  The parking deck stairs, the parking deck ramp, the base of the bridge.  At Each feature PAX would need to stop and complete 2 exercise sets.  1 coupon exercise set at the base of the feature, 1 coupon free exercise set at the top of the feature.   for 3 rounds in total.  On the bridge set we crossed the bridge with ruck into bear crawls, then returned with ruck into crawl bears

coupon set – 

20x curls 

20x goblet squats

20x oblique dips left

20x oblique dips right 

20x overhead press 

20x kettle bells 


coupon free set – 

20x squats 

20x merkins 

20x plank shoulder taps 

20x lunges 

20x Bobby Hurley’s 

20x Peter Parkers 







Cross ruck this friday at Alpharetta Methodist

Promise 686 race is coming up.  look for details on slack

Naked-Man Moleskin:

love to lead this group.  honored

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