Deep Thoughts by Walkie Talkie

AO: Windjammer

When: 04/05/2023

QIC: Walkie Talkie

PAX (1): Walkie Talkie


Spring Break means the numbers would be down but somebody has to keep the Windjammer doors open,


It was a solo showing today so I set a goal and took off. There was no disclaimer so if I had gotten hurt, I guess I would have sued everyone. 🙂 Not! Let’s go…

The Thang:

I tackled a solo 5K run today and added 500 reps. But wanted to share a few Deep Thoughts that went through my head. Yes, Deep Thoughts by Walkie Talkie…

  1. It’s an absolute pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to work out together and grow community. Exercise is good for your body and mind whether you do it solo or as a group, yes. But for me, it’s a lot more fun to do as a group and push each other. But the first person we have to push and lead on a daily basis is ourselves. I was honored to keep the Windjammer doors open today. Even without being there, you guys pushed me to lead myself. So thanks for that.
  2. Only God could have created the beautiful world we get to live in. Running solo makes you more aware of your surroundings. The moon was full, the stars were out, my headlamp locked eyes with a deer, the breeze was steady, and the birds chirped. Yes there is ugly in the world that we have created but what God created in those 6 days is truly magical and amazing and I pray we don’t take it for granted and experience it often.
  3. Most of the things we worry about don’t happen anyway so what’s the point? Be aware of what you worry about and try to minimize worry and maximize faith.
  4. We are spiritual bodies in a physical world….so take care of your body because you only get one. But our body is temporary yet our spirit is forever.
  5. Keep your goals and thoughts BIG. But don’t forget to celebrate the little successes (and even the failures that taught you something) along the way

There were more but that’s enough for now. I pray you have an awesome break and get to celebrate Easter with family. We’ll be in Asheville for a long weekend so I’ll see you guys next week.


Please pray for my dad…will update you next week.

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