How many merkins?

AO: Boneyard

When: 03/31/2023

QIC: Speedo

PAX (6): FannyPack, Feathers, HIPPA, Pigtails, Scrooge, Speedo

The Thang:

Shorter-and-later-than-expected backblast due to another Chrome freeze-up on Friday afternoon.


Warm up with a mosey around the back path to the basketball courts where a guy was working on his free throws.  He left within a minute of us arriving. Can’t recall all the warmup exercises but likely included weed pickers, SSH, hillbillies, world’s greatest stretch and maybe some Michael phelps.


Mosey to the center of the big multi-purpose field. Instructed PAX to each run to a different corner/edge of the field and do 30 merkins…no talking.  Upon returning to the center YHC talked about how many men try to do life alone and it can really suck.  Still with no talking, together in the center we did another 30 merkins.  YHC talked about how a lot of men try to do life near people but not actually with people.  It might seem easier than being alone but we also put on masks so others don’t see the true us.  Next, we partnered up for 30 more merkins each and talking/mumblechatter was allowed.  If one partner finished before the other he could help his partner finish.  YHC talked about how when we are in community with even one other man we can help lighten each other’s load and/or support each other through the tough stuff.  Lastly, we did another 30 merkins (120 total for this segment) and talking was allowed and any guy could help any other guy finish up.  YHC talked about a community of men is always going to be stronger than the sum of those men individually.

Mosey toward the back of the park and decided to stop at every park bench for 3 burpees.  To say the guys were excited about how many benches there are at Newtown would simply be an understatement.  At the pull-up bars two guys went to the bars for a 60-second dead hang while the rest of the guys planked.  After everyone had gone once we rinsed and repeated, this time for 30 seconds each.  Tougher than it looks.

Keep on moseying and this time park benches called for diamond merkins (5 each I think).  After the 5th or 6th bench YHC allowed us to skip the remaining benches to get the next fun thang.  At the stairs by the pond we started with a simple run up the stairs followed by 10 derkins on the wall.  Next it was up the stairs taking two at a time then back down for 10 dips on the wall.  We rinsed and repeated the run/Derkin combo every other time with bunny hops, lunge walks, backwards and one other method I can’t recall plus dips at the bottom.

To the lacrosse field end line.  Mosey with increasing speed across the field until full on sprint the last third or so.  Repeat going the other direction.  Lastly, to scratch the bear crawl itch that Fanny Pack had we bear crawled the center circle for a bit and then crawl beared for a bit.  Back to the flag for time.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

280 merkins, that’s how many merkins.


— Speedo out

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