Cheese grater pavilion party

AO: Gladiator

When: 03/30/2023

QIC: Brownie

PAX (12): Bo Knows, Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Macbeth, Scratch-Off, Speedo, Spider, Tar Heel, Tebow, AFK


It’d been about a month since my last Q which gave me plenty of time to think about what level of punishment to mete out. Everyone loves the cheese grater parking lot, so I figured I’d mix in some “beach” time with cheese grater and see what was left. Women of Rock was on the playlist in honor of the end of Women’s History Month, which as some PAX noted was slightly off brand for my usual playlists, but I didn’t let on to why until much later.


After a mosey to the cheese grater parking lot, we circled up for some windmills, weedpickers, WGS (both legs), Michael Phelps, moroccan night clubs and we were ready to roll.

The Thang:

After getting sufficiently warmed up, we moved from the grater to the beach where I shared instructions.

Round 1:  7 jumping pull ups (jump to the bar, pull up, and then back to the ground = 1) by each member of the pax in pairs. While each pair was doing that, the rest of the pax was holding the Captain Morgan pose alternating legs as each new pair began their reps; if your raised leg touched the ground more than once, you owed a burpee. After all pax were finished, over to the cheese grater curb for broad jumps to the middle, mosey to the far side, and then 25 Travoltas before moseying back to the starting point for more Travoltas for the 6.

Round 2:  5 jumping pull ups instead of 7 with the pax Captain Morganing again until all were done. Lunge walks to the middle before moseying where we did 25 Mike Tysons and then moseyed back with more Tysons for the 6.

Round 3:  3 jumping pull ups, Captain Morgan still hanging out. Traveling Bonnie Blairs to the middle of the parking lot with 25 dercans and ercans on the curb for the 6.

Round 4:  1 jumping pull up, Captain Morgan is drunk by now. Bunny hops to the middle and 25 mountain climbers on the far side.

We left Captain Morgan passed out on the cheese grater and moseyed to the pavilion where we began a tabata series consisting of the following:

  • Regular grip pull ups under the picnic table seats for a minute before a minute of step ups
  • Wide grip pull ups, followed by Romanian dead lifts (RDLs)
  • Reverse grip pull ups, followed by the other leg of RDLs
  • Narrow grip pull ups, followed by final round of step ups

Group met up at the zebra crossing for an all out, rest of the gas in the tank run back to the flag for a couple rounds of merry…gas pumpers, Australian snow angels, and American hammers.


Lots of Alpha area activities going on. Check out the mythical message board known as Slack for more information if that’s your thing.

Revealed the reason behind the playlist curveball and reminder to the pax that we all owe something to at least one important woman in our lives, so take time to let them know.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate the opportunity to lead and get the group to push themselves and mix it up a bit with some exercises to focus on areas we sometimes neglect. Brownie out!

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