AO: The Wreck

When: 03/29/2023

QIC: Moonshine

PAX (20): aflac, Backside, Bear, Blue, Bo Knows, defcon2, Echo, gmonkey, Grouch, Lincoln, Meltdown, Mountain Mama, rip, Stroller, Tubbs, Turbine, Yankee, Yearn


Just so thankful this morning we lost the 50-year weight vest we used to use.

Also, my phone messed up when recording everyone so if you are not in the PAX list let me know so I can add you.  My apologies, I know I am missing at least one.


Circle up in parking lot up the hill for SSH, Hillbillies, Weed pickers, Moroccan Night Club, Michael Phelps…

Continued “warm-up” at the hill – 1 set of burpee broad jumps up the hill (1 broad jump + 1 burpee, 2 jumps + 2 burpees, etc)

The Thang:

Mosey to the football field for Muhammad Ali count mucho chesto.

  • Bear crawl to 15 yd line, 10 Muhammad Ali count merkins (do merkins but don’t start counting until it starts hurting – then try to get in 10)
  • Crab walk to 25, 10 MA count wide merkins
  • Reverse Crab walk to 35, 10 staggered merkins
  • Cheeta run to 50, 10 staggered merkins
  • Turn around and rinse and repeat back to goal line

Quick Indian run to give the arms a rest

Circle up at mid-field for a Happy Birthday Cake

  • Pax does high knees and takes turn calling out “down” for a burpee (candle) until we get in 50

Mosey to the playground for a morning call

Back to the flag just in time for LBC flutters and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOONSHINE – FIFTY” alphabet.


Fund raising for new church in Lebanon.

Loki, my dog showed up and wanted attention so hopefully didn’t miss too many other details.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks everyone for coming out and thanks for the breakfast juice.  Also, Happy Birthday to Mountain Mama as well!

Thanks to the M for bringing cake and muffins.

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