30 for 30

AO: Norseman

When: 03/30/2023

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (10): Beaker, Cam's, Crikey, DeLorean, Ha-ha, Huffy, Plumb Bob, Shooter, TMI


Beaker and I strolled up from the Pre-Run and the parking lot was empty?  A little confused..did we run fast and miss everyone?  Was DeLorean’s beatdown on Tuesday too much for some?  Do the Pax not like my beatdowns?  Too many questions that will probably go unanswered.   Well since today is March 30th YHC decided to do a 30 themed beatdown.


Mosey down the hill for 10 SSH’s, 10 Weedpickers, and 10 Hillbillies.  See what did 30 Total.

The Thang:

On the hill for some 30’s.  Run to the top and then back down and repeat until finished. 

5 Diamonds at the bottom

25 Merkins at the top 

10 Diamonds at the bottom

20 Merkins at the top 

15 Diamonds at the bottom

15 Merkins at the top 

20 Diamonds at the bottom

10 Merkins at the top 

25 Diamonds at the bottom

5 Merkins at the top 

Mary for the 6 

15 LBC’s/15 Flutters  – 30 Again 

On to Saint Francis

Stopping at each light pole 10 merkins/10 squats alternating between the poles.  30 merkins/30 squats total.  Except for Beaker deciding to add another 10 and throwing everything off. 

Then we moseyed over to the school hill.   Same set up as the first hill 

5 Big Boys

25 Wide Merkins

10 Big Boys

20 Wide Merkins

15 Big Boys

15 Wide Merkins

20 Big Boys

10 Wide Merkins

25 Big Boys

5 Wide Merkins

Mary for the 6

15 Freddie Mercury/ 15 Dying Cockroach – 30 Total 

Back to the Flag

15 Dollies/15 Rosalitas – 30 Total 

15 Obliques/15 Obliques – 30 Total 


Prayers for safe travels over spring break.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Tower of terror tomorrow at the Downtown Green.  Always a pleasure to lead!

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