Celebrating 3 Year’s of Windjammer

AO: Windjammer

When: 03/29/2023

QIC: Cookie

PAX (7): Caroline, Cookie, False Start, Maytag, NRA, Townie, Walkie Talkie


From my pre-blast on Slack:

3 years ago this week the Windjammer was born. After 2 weeks of the city parks being shutdown due to the pandemic, YHC was tired of running on my own so I texted a few neighbors about coming out to join me for an unofficial F3 workout called the Windjammer at 6:30a at the private lake club in Windward. On 3/30/20, YHC showed up that morning hoping to see a few other cars in the parking lot. 6:30a came and went, and a party of 1 ran the merkin mile and a few other soon to be favorites. YHC knew there was a need for this in the area and so I went back to headlocking and sure enough, 1-2 more PAX joined me for the 2nd beatdown… and then a few more, then a few more… Nobody received F3 names until later that fall when we would build a shovel flag and officially plant it as an Alpha AO. A few years and a few time changes later, the Windjammer has grown to be a healthy AO that I love being a part of every week. TCLAPS for all of the guys that showed up consistently and blindly trusted YHC those first few months. You know who you are…


Head to the Dam for a typical warm-up. SSH, Good Morning, Hillbilly & Arm Circles. Cross the street and head down the Dam hill to the outfield of the baseball field for Cookie’s version of Capture the Flag.

The Thang:



-on each side there is a Children at Play sign that would need to be knocked down to score a point
-field is setup short and wide with a designated middle line of cones with red lights
-offense is in bear crawl mode, defense in crab walk
-as soon as you cross mid field you can be tagged by the defense with their noodle
-when tagged, stand up and do 3 squats, then run back to your side
-when a goal is scored, losing team does 5 (then modified to 3) burpees while other team does SSH
-we had 7 PAX so we switched off which team had 4 guys after each goal
-eventually 1 PAX took a break and we played 3 vs 3
-we all voted that Maytag was the MVP for his horse-like bear crawl




Praise for the ability to get out in the gloom with our brothers and laugh around, play games, build bonds. Prayers for the tragedy in Nashville and for other prayers unspoken. Halphaday beatdown at Will’s Park aka Rubicon coming up in a few weeks. YHC spoke about how F3 can be whatever you want it to be. If you Q, have fun, play games, etc.  As long as you stick to the 5 core principles, you are Freed to Lead with new ideas and new innovations.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was great to finally bring this beatdown to the Windjammer. I’ve Q’d it at several other locations the past few years but with the lack of turf at the Windjammer and the close proximity of houses for noise issues, I held out. But it worked out perfectly doing it in the baseball outfield aside from us all getting a little dirty. But I think it was worth it and the PAX had lots of laughs, so I think it was a success. Next time would be better to have at least 10 PAX (hint, hint fartsackers)

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