PrePrePrePrePrePrePrePreRunning Shenanigans

AO: Crossroads

When: 03/22/2023

QIC: Hollywood

PAX (7): Caffey, El Matador, Hollywood, Lefty, Mayhem, Shooter, TopHat


Well I am not sure what to say, except Caffey is crazy.  HE sent out texts last night trying to get someone to join him for a 21 mile PreRun and then finish his Marathon with the 5 mile course for Crossroads.  He did get shooter to come out early but not the full 21.


Caffey already did enough warming up for all of us so we just ran.

The Thang:

5 Mile loop around Alpharetta.


Continued prayers for Turbine and his family, and Caffey’s 2.0 that is having tube put in tomorrow.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead, and congrats to Caffey for getting in a marathon before 6:15 this morning.  Crazy stuff.

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