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AO: Gladiator

When: 03/21/2023

QIC: Bo Knows

PAX (11): Bo Knows, defcon2, Judy, Macbeth, Manchester, Scratch-Off, Spandex, Spider, Tar Heel, Tebow, Zohan


Disclaimer provided. No FNG


Circle up then weed pickers, world greatest stretch, armcircles forward then backwards, seal claps.

The Thang:

Ran to a pavillion nearby to partner up for each partner to do 41 durkins, 41 carolina drydocks, and 41 while the other partner runs a lap around the big parking lot.

Run like Bernie:

We then moseyed toward the coupon pile for each group of 2 partners to choose a solid 2-hander. P1 bernies back up the hill towards the road while P2 does series of 41 reps of curls, bent over rows and over head presses. High plank for the six.


Everyone on their six performed series of exercises: 20 Gas pumpers, 20 LBCs, 20 American Hammers, and 20 Dollies.


Everyone in a circle in merkins position we did merkins count all the way to 100 among 11 pax.

Then moved to knees for some enjoyable Jack Webb but only got to count of 6 merkins and 24 air presses.

Finally we moseyed back to the flag for some Mary’s: Gas pumpers, Freddy mercury and the J-LO and it was time.



Continued prayers for DC 2 and family and his grand mother just went to be with the Lord.

Shared some parenting tidbits i received at a conference a couple weeks ago about helping children deal with anxiety:

  1. Pick 2 things that you currently do for you kids that they can do for themselves
  2. Pick 2 more things that you or your M do for your kids that thay can ALMOST do for themselves
  3. STOP all 4 !!
  4. The harder those things the more confidence they will build in themselves and the more resilient they become.
  5. Remember anxiety tends to be an overestimation of the problem coupled to underestimation of self and parents can sometimes unknowingly overcompensate and unwittingly overcontrol things/outcomes.

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