Road trip down super route 21

AO: Starting Line

When: 03/18/2023

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (7): Ace Ventura, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Suarez, Zuckerburg/Snorlax


With the temp taking a dive and me not wanting to make kidsicles out of any 2.0s that planned to show up for Dadurday I decided to change gears and pull out one of my older BDs then add a bit to it, just for fun, well my version of fun that is.
The pre-ruck turn out was good with Lightweight, Lifelock, Zuckerberg, Seaman and Ace joining me for a 3 mile ruck before the BD.


We took off towards the Farmers Market pavilion, but had to circle back to pick up Suarez,  well some of the PAX Lifelock, Zuckerberg and I got the the pavilion then after a minute or few circled back to get everyone ready for the warm up
Weed pickers
Wiley Maseys Hayes
Moroccan Night clubs
Copperhead squats
Then Iron cross hold finished off the warm up.

The Thang:

I had not done Super Route 21 in a long time and wanted to make it more challenging so I had everyone mosey to the top of the hill where the road was blocked off and did the first 7 rounds so
1 squat, 1 merkin, 1 BBSU
Mosey to the next light post
2 squat, 2 merkin, 2 BBSUs
Repeat till you get to 7
At that point we ran back to where the no entrance barrier was and did 20 WWI situps with snow angels,
Then back up to the start and
8 – 14 Squats, merkins, BBSU
This time we lunged between light posts
Then ran back to the no entrance sign and did 20 jump squats
Back to the start and
15-21 Squats, merkins, BBSUs
Bernie Sanders to each light post
At this point there was much mumblechatter about how it was almost 8, but hey we are here to finish what we started, and plus sadistically, I was enjoying the complaints from some of the PAX, not to call anyone out, but they/you know who it was
And to finish off had to run back to the no entrance signs and complete
10 burpees and SK BD= burpees at on point, most every time  &
50 SSHs

At that point it was time to take the long mosey back to the pavilion for COT




Prayer Request
For the young man Ace is mentoring,
The man that came by a few weeks asking for prayer a friend and his child, gave us a good report and asked us to continue to pray for the baby. sorry do not know all the details but will continue to pray for them.

Acceleration Point
Mentioned that so many times we get good information but do nothing with it, we need to have an execution mindset that the information we get that is useful we use it to make ourselves better and help the people around us.

Ended with a prayer and on to Coffeeteria.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria was great, as always then we headed out for the day.

As always it was an honor to lead the PAX and help us push past our comfort zone

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