Bustin’ Brackets

AO: Nirvana

When: 03/18/2023

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (3): Shortcake, Tank


After an attempt to get the Nirvana Q sheet filled up starting earlier in the week, YHC felt it was only right to slap his name down for the first Saturday that was open. Thanks to Ollie for also being willing to step up in a few Saturday’s.


Another chilly morning, but things would heat up fast.


Mosey to flag pole at Milton HS for some warm-up exercises….SSH, Imp. Walkers, Weedpickers, Arm Circles and Covids.


Lights were on at the Milton Stadium and b/c it was Shortcake’s first visit, YHC had us Mosey down in front of stadium and back thru parking lot…then on to the big grass field in front of Milton.

The Thang:

What happened next could be considered more warm-up, but we’ll say it was a thang!

100 Burpees were done in 10 minutes….10 EMOM. Along with some Credence Clearwater in the background. Now that the pax were warm, on to the Northwestern track for a look at YHC’s 16 seed bracket (see attached).


Rotated with single man facing a pair (since there was only 3 of us!) for each match-up…..a run was incorporated after each match-up. Picture is probably hard to see but there were several upsets and a few will be highlighted below.


First Round:

  • #1 seed BURPEES went down right out the gate to 16 seeded SHOULDER TAPS.
  • 11 seeded BIG BOYS took out 6 seed BONNIE BLAIRS
  • 3 seeded BOBBY HURLEY’S went down to 14 seed SSH….which is just crazy!!


Second Round: 

  • On right side of bracket, 4 seed AMERICAN HAMMERS & 2 seed MERKINS held serve and advanced.
  • While 7 seeded DONKEY¬† KICKS thought it was a shoe in over the pesky SSH (14 seed)..however, SSH made it through to the Final Four


Final Four:

  • 12 seed CURLS w/ coupon no match for the cinderella 14 seed SSH.
  • 4 seed AMERICAN HAMMERS move on after a close win over 2 seed MERKINS.



  • Yep, you knew this was coming….a 14 seed in Side Straddle Hops, maybe the exercise the pax perform the most throughout the year, was crowned a champion.
  • American Hammers put up a valiant effort though and represented the “Mary” group of 5 exercises well.


Back to the flag for 3 Minutes of Mary called out by all pax.


  • Prayers for Turkey’s M.
  • Prayers for Shortcake’s SIL and the family stuff she’s dealing with.
  • Prayers for YHC’s 2.0 and school issues.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A light group today but nonetheless a festive one that made the morning’s beatdown go by with a breeze….a quite chilly one at that!


Shortcake may have found a new home as he could literally take a 3-4 minute warm-up jog from him home and be at Nirvana!


All three for Coffeeteria and were joined by Shortcake’s M and 2.0!!

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