4 for 16 shooting? Flat ball, 26 degrees, gloves….no we just suck

AO: Grindstone

When: 03/20/2023

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (4): Corn Dog, Spit Valve, Swiper


2nd annual March madness theme BD. Threw on my son’s BBall uni, it was a little snug but no worries…it’s cold!

Glad to see CornDog out there pre-running all by himself!


Mosey to the big lot for WMH, WP, Hillbillies, Copperhead squats.  Then we spread out for some BBall drills.  Defensive stance, then slide left or right at my direction.  Footfire with Quarter turns.  Legs were starting to pump pretty quick.

The Thang:

To the BBall court.
Thang 1:  Start at the corner, run to half court, burpee, defensive slide to other side of far court, burpee, backpedal to the baseline, burpee, defensive slide left to starting corner, burpee.  Did this 3 times.   Time to get out the rock.   And it felt like a rock.

We ended up taking 16 shots in turn.  Started off hot!!  Corn dog, Spitvalve and swiper all made their first shot. Then I missed.  After that we went 1 for 12.  More reps.
After every shot we would run to other baseline, backpedal back, then do exercise.
10 burpees
10 mercans
Run to half, backpedal back, run full court, backpedal back – 3 times
10 Bodybuilders
25 Alpha Bonnie Blairs
Lungewalk to other baseline, 40 LBC’s, lungewalk back
15 DryDocks
20 Crunchy Frogs
Broadjump burpee to half court, run back
Halftime – 5 Wolverines
20 WWI sit ups
20 Copperhead squats
3 Burpee Suicides
20 StarJumps
10 Ranger Mercans (40 total)
15 Bobby Hurleys high as you can on fence

Mosey back to flag for delayed mercans, flutters and boxcutters


Prayers out for Crabcakes wife and a speedy recovery

NLB run this weekend

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s fun to mix up the BD with some fun and a good workout.

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