The Lucky 13!

AO: Norseman

When: 03/16/2023

QIC: Pepper

PAX (13): Cam's, Chapter 11, Crikey, DeLorean, FICO, Fresh Prince, Knight Rider, Password 123, Pepper, Plumb Bob, Roaster, Stu, TMI


Twas a wee bit nippy on this, the morning of the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, where [lucky number] 13 PAX gathered to burn some calories and make room for the corned beef and bangers and mash that surely followed.


A short mosey, SSH, Clover-pickers (eerily similar to weed pickers), Imperial Walkers, Covids

The Thang:

The rest of the beatdown occurred on the football field, where three stations were set up (three leaf clover, get it?). We progressed through each station three times, while taking a lap around the field after each circuit.

Round 1: 17 Burpees; 27 Merkins; 77 Freddie Mercuries (alpha)

Round 2: 77 Leaping Leprechauns, 27 Dublin Dry Docks; 77 Dying Cockroaches (alpha)

Round 3: 77 Mountain Climbers, 77 Overhead Claps; 77 Scissor Kicks (alpha)

3x 50-yrd sprints, with a burpee at the 25-yrd marker.

We finished by completing as many [Irish Car] BOMBS as we could in the final 12 minutes.

Burpees – Overhead Claps – Mountain Merkins – Big-boy Situps – Squats


Prayers for the Pruett family as they mourn the loss of a wonderful wife and mother, Lindsey.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was a nippy 30 degrees when we got started; that’s cold for mid-march. I was proud of the 13 that showed up! You guys continue to inspire me and hold me accountable on the mornings that I’m not quite “feeling it.”

Always an honor!

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