…It goes to 11

AO: Boneyard

When: 03/13/2023


PAX (10): Angus, Dinghy, FannyPack, Feathers, Mater, Speedo, Trebek, Pigtails, Brownie


Short and sweet. We knew the drill.


Quick mosey around to the lower parking lot for some various stretching. Mosey to the top parking lot.

The Thang:

Parking Lot

  • Each Zebra Crossing is our “goal line”.
  • Bear crawl down, Bernie back.
  • Broad Jump down, Bernie back.
  • Lunge walk down, Bernie back.
  • Mosey down and back 3x.
  • SSH and Balboas for the 6


  • PAX did a few rounds of 11’s
    • 1st round = Derkins & Dips. Once done, Bonnie Blairs & Lunge walk for the 6
    • 2nd round = Bonnie Blairs & Merkins. Lunge walk the short width of the parking lot by the pavilion.
      • At the 1/2 point, QIC called for a “recovery run”. PAX ran to the bottom of the hill past the playground. Once you get back, pick up where you left off.
      • PAX continued
      • At the 3/4 mark, QIC called for a quick mini round of 7’s with American Hammers & BBSUs.
    • 3rd round = Since the Q was so generous, you could choose LEGS or ARMS and if you RUN or BEAR CRAWL.
      • Legs = Jump Squats & Monkey Humpers
      • Arms = Burpees & Derkins

Back to the flag!



  • Bo Knows wife
  • Dingy: friend Brian
  • Feathers: family friend son, recovering well major surgery


  • Aprils CSAUP coming up! 12hrs of Beatdowns.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What a lovely trip to the Boneyard! I love getting to join the gloom with you gents and sweat a bit. We are so lucky to have such a rich community of brothers to challenge you and encourage you. Blessings all


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