Wet Weights

AO: Boneyard

When: 03/10/2023

QIC: vertigo

PAX (4): Candy Crush, FannyPack, Trebek, vertigo


The rain scared off the lightweights like wheat & chaff.  4 PAX rose to the challenge.


A quick mosey followed by SSH’s and several yoga stretches with funny names.

The Thang:

PAX arrived at the pavillion to find two rows of weights of various weights- dumbells and kettlebells- arranged lightest to heaviest.  The BD consisted of several timed rounds, and in each round PAX selected a challenging weight and did 1) reps with the weight, followed by 2) reps of a core exercise.

Round 1: 2 Turkish get ups, 8 burpees.  Repeat till time.

Round 2: 8 [name]s, followed by 4×4’s.  Repeat till time.

Round 3: some thing kinda like round 2 but with Merkins. Repeat till time.

Round 4: 16 Goblet Squats, followed by 30 second low plank.  Repeat till time.



Prayers for Vertigo’s brother in law’s upcoming procedure.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Bo Knows’s M.

Blood drive coming up soon.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This is the worst BB I’ve ever written.  My only defense is I wasn’t the Q (Vertigo was) and I’m really tired from the BD.  Great Q Vertigo.

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