7 Minutes in Heaven

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/10/2023

QIC: Echo

PAX (11): aflac, Blue, Donor, Foley, Matt Shields-Norm, Miyagi, Pusher (Ader Jean), Rooney- timlonergan, Squeegee, Vespa


Tut tut, looked like rain. I challenged the Wreckers to come out and fulfill their destiny, a group of 10 real men answered the bell.


By flag-

SSH, Hillbilly, Michael Phelps, Weed Pickers


The Thang:

With cinders- lunged, curled, and Cusacked our way to the pavilion by the playground from there it was


11s: squat,half squat, finish on your toes/curls

50 lbcs active recovery

11s: KBs/RDLs

50 lbcs

11s: Overhead press/dips on picnic tables


We perfectly had 15 minutesĀ  left which gave us time for two rounds of what I dubbed- 7 min in heaven.

7 straight minutes of burpees, and the only way to stop is by running to the flag in the drizzle, resuming burpees upon return

after that, we did 7 straight minutes of plank. Surprisingly a number of PAX were able to stay in various plank positions (extended arms, elbows, side plank) the entire time.


Blues’ big board, thanks for doing that man. Let’s pour out our blessings onto others this weekend.

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