AO: Academy

When: 03/07/2023

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (5): Cookie, Devito, HotSauce, MillerTime


A three-peat!  That’s right, got the keys to Academy for the third week in a row.  As many of our brethren were still licking their wounds from HillSeeker, YHC assumed there would be low numbers.  However we had a late rally, and 5 HIMs answered the call.


Shakeout mile to get our hill ravaged legs back underneath us.  Included a Rubicon fly by as we headed to the lower playground.

The Thang:


Round 1: 10 Pull ups, 10 inverted BBS, 10 Swerkins, 10 Mountain Climbers on the bridge, 10 Burpees at the far end of the parking lot.  Next round was 9 reps of everything, next round was 8, and so on.  Cookie said he was in a brain fog until half way through the workout, and was doing 10 reps each round.  I say he was just “modifying as necessary”.

Workout took most our time, so we did a long mosey, with pain stations (BTTW, Squats, etc), back to the flag for a couple rounds of Mary.


Prayers for continued safe travels for Devito’s M, and for his sanity this last week and a half.

Shout out to all those who participated in HillSeeker.  Every has their own story of something incredible they witnessed, or a story they shared with a NLB guy.  Amazing weekend.  Big TCLAPS to MillerTime and his Thundermeaters for organizing the event once again (not to mention the shirts this year were on point!).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

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