Just a Beatdown

AO: Starting Line

When: 03/08/2023

QIC: Janeway

PAX (6): Better Call Saul, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Thumper, toadstool


YHC picked up a somewhat little-time-to-plan Q mostly because it was probably the only way he was going to actually post this week… just being honest.


7 Sun Gods
7 Reverse Sun Gods
7 Abe Vigodas
7 Imperial Walkers
7 Willie Mayes Hayes
7 SLOWER Abe Vigodas to mummify PAX complaints and avoid unnecessary lawsuit from Better Call Saul

The Thang:

Began with a modified 7 of Diamonds around the Main Street Park small diamond before throwing in some extra fun at the end; moseyed between each base:

7 Merkins – 7 Diamond Merkins – 7 ST Merkins – 7 Nolan Ryans (each side)
14 Squats – 14 Sumo Squats w/ Leg Lifts – 14 Chinook Squats – 14 No Surrenders
21 4-Ct Flutter Kicks – 21 Fire Hydrants (each side) – 21 Rosalitas – 21 Box Cutters
21 Plank Jacks – 21 Jack Hammers – 21 BBSUs – 21 4-Ct Monkey Humpers
21 Pickle Pointers – 21 Side Plank Arm Raises – 21 Crab Dips – 21 Side Plank Arm Raises (other side)
14 El Capitans – 14 4-Ct American Hammers – 14 WWI Snow Angels – 14 Burpees

Tunnel of Love: High Plank in line with each PAX performing low army crawl thru Tunnel
5 Merkins
Reverse Tunnel of Love (payback to Saul for missing my last Q)
5 Merkins

Nathan’s Fun House:
Slow parts of song: SSH OYO
Fast parts of song: Imaginary Jump Ropes OYO
Bridge of song: Mountain Climbers AMRAP

10 Alabama Ass-Kickers
15 Bear Merkins

Many thanks to Script Kiddie for imposing, I mean suggesting, various additional transitional pain while we occasionally waited for the Six.


Script Kiddie exhorted us to deepen our roots as a support network and a team and come alongside one another with intentionality and greater investment into each others’ lives so each of us can progress and make breakthroughs in becoming HIM.  Aye!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good to put something together on relatively short notice; not usually my style.  Great to get to know these HIM better over coffeeteria and looking forward to bringing the brownies for the 4/20 beatdown.

Today’s concert was provided by Raspberry Jam’s LP “Chi-Rho”.

Blessings; Janeway out.

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