Upper Body Blues

AO: Meathouse

When: 03/07/2023

QIC: Popper

PAX (9): Angus, BallBoy, Boomer, Flo, McCracken, PuffDaddy, Saint2O, Wingnut - Lake Oconee


YHC’s second week of treatment for plantar fasciitis (and thus continued fast from running and jumping) provided another opportunity to Q a 0.0 beatdown at the Meathouse. This week’s program focused on Upper Body to balance out last week’s Lower Body 0.0. The PAX welcomed former Alpha PAX – now Lake Oconee region pioneer – Wingnut for a visit and coffeeteria after. Most PAX in attendance were shattered to hear they missed such a great movie and 2nd F at the nearby theater the night before; Cocaine Bear is the dark horse favorite to bring home the best picture Oscar this year.


Coupon carry to back of the path of pain where the pull-up bars awaited. In Cadence the PAX warmed up with Weed Picker, Imperial Walker, Michael Phelps, and little baby arm circles into big baby arm circles, forward and backward.

The Thang:

Same format as last week. A timed set consists of a series of exercises to be performed with good form and OYO rest breaks prioritized over speed. Cycle back through the exercises until the next set begins. Timer is the length of a blues original and its famous cover (this time mostly by Led Zeppelin).

Round Song Artist Year Time Repped Exercises w/Coupon
Min Sec 5 10 15 20
Warm up Walkin Blues Son House 1930 6 31 Coupon Carry to Pull-Up Bars; Warm Up
Eric Clapton 1992
1 Nobody’s Fault But Mine Blind Willie Johnson 1927 9 34 Tricep Pull-Ups Shoulder-Tap Merkins Squat Thrusters Curls
Led Zeppelin 1976
2 The Gallis Pole / Gallows Pole Lead Belly 1939 7 41 Derkins Kettle Bell Swings Skull Crushers Bent-over Rows
Led Zeppelin 1970
3 You Need Love / Whole Lotta Love Muddy Waters 1962 8 18 Coupon Squat Press Irkins Wood Chopper Ruck & Coupon Shrugs
(Hold 3 seconds; switch hands periodically)
Led Zeppelin 1969
4 Killing Floor / The Lemon Song Howlin Wolf 1964 9 11 Bicep Pull-Ups Cross-Over Merkins Glute Bridge Pullover Dips
Led Zeppelin 1969
5 Bring It On Home Sonny Boy Williamson II 1966 6 55 Blockees Coupon Halos Overhead Press Preacher Curls
Led Zeppelin 1969

The PAX got through Rounds 1 thru 4 before high-tailing it back to the bricks and the finish line. Round 5 is OYO extra credit if you wish.


Prayers for a colleague facing chemo & radiation, and peace amidst extremely busy season for family. Praise & thanksgiving for progress towards healing for an injury.

Those that had the flexibility stayed after for a coffeeteria, in honor of Wingnut paying us a visit while in town for work.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fellowship is the glue of F3. It motivates us to return to the gloom after resting an injury; to call impromptu Cocaine Bear watch parties; to stay a bit longer for coffeeteria mornings. As always I’m honored to lead and thankful to be part of this band of brothers.

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