Pay to Play

AO: Galaxy

When: 03/07/2023

QIC: Drain Hole

PAX (7): Abacus (Mark Green), Fannie, Fenway, Fondue Guy, So So Def, Sparky


What a great morning to be alive! The weather was terrific, and we had the right mix for a little ‘pit of despair’ work so we could buy our way into Ultimate (can’t pair with Frisbee any longer due to TM, I guess?). This is similar to what 8 yo Drain Hole imagined when being taught about purgatory during Catechism… but I digress. On with the backblast.


Quick warmup so we could get to the good stuff:

  • 10x side straddle hops
  • 6x (per side) Finkle swings
  • 5x warm-up merkins
  • mosey to the coupon area & then to the pit

The Thang:

Since we hadn’t visited the street side of the pit in some time (the one with the giant sloping hill), I figured it was as good a time as any to get reacquainted before the game.

After collecting our coupons of choice, we Cusacked out of the park to the hill and began the workout:

  • 6 minutes:
    • 10x merkins
    • bear crawl down the hill
    • 10x Peter Parker merkins
    • crawl bear up the hill
    • repeat until time
  • 6 minutes:
    • 10x hammers (w/coupon)
    • walk crab down the hill (w/coupon)
    • 10x gas pumps (w/coupon)
    • crab walk up the hill (w/coupon)
    • repeat until time
    • 5x man-makers for dropped coupon
  • 6 minutes:
    • 10x goblet squats (w/coupon)
    • lunge walk down the hill (w/coupon)
    • 10x kung flu (w/coupon)
    • murder bunnies up the hill
    • repeat until time
  • Return coupon to its original position
  • 20 minutes of Ultimate
  • Back to the flag w/Freddie Mercury’s, AL prom dates, & dying cockroaches until time



  • Fondue Guy and his mother
  • Fannie’s work decisions
  • Those who are away from the circle, whether through travel, conflicts, or personal struggles

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