What the heck is a Derkinpecker

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/06/2023

QIC: Donor

PAX (11): aflac, Bear, Blue, Donor, Juul, Miyagi, Moonshine, Mountain Mama, rip, @Tagalong @Shakeweight


Perfect morning for a Wreck BD.  Upper 40s to lower 50s and almost a full moon.  My 16 year old and his buddy were in tow too.  Tagalong and Shakeweight were chatty in the car ride over.  Warms my heart to see them as they start their F3 journey.  Good mumblechatter this morning as we discussed last weekends HillSeeker.  0530 – Lets Mosey


Disclaimer given followed my the Warm-o-rama that included:  SSH, Weed Pickers, Plank Jacks, Groiners, Forward Arm Circles and Backward Arm Circles, and Michael Phelps.  Lets Mosey

The Thang:

Thang 1:  Modified Cooper

10 Derkinpeckers : 10 Dips : 10 Step ups : 10 Big Boys : Run a lap around the playground.  Next round reduce the count to 9,9,9,9 and run another lap.  Worked our way down to 1s.

Moseyed from the Playground over to the Lacrosse Field.  Planked for the 6.

Thang 2:  4 Corners

Instructed PAX to always face the flag as we mosey around our 4 corners.

  • Shuffle left – 10 Flutters
  • Backwards run – 10 Flutters, 20 J-los
  • Shuffle rught – 10 Flutters, 20 J-Los, 30 Box cutters
  • Forward run – 10 Flutters, 20 J-Los, 30 Box cutters, 40 Am Hammers

Had to cut the Hammers a little short as we quickly moseyed back to the flag.  No time for Mary because we were 1-2 minutes late.




Announcements made from Blue’s Comms Board.

Prayers for Moonbeam’s friend who is in her 90s.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always enjoy leading this fine group.

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