Running up that hill (of work)

AO: Nirvana

When: 03/04/2023

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (9): Groundhog, Icee, Knievel, Ozzy, Plumb Bob, Special K, The Real Woody, Mutton


With Hillseeker in full swing, QIC wasn’t really expecting many more PAX than the 4 that hit the “HC” button by the time the clock struck 2300 hh on Friday night. Alas, 9 strong men showed up bright and early on a sunny (and soggy) morning to better themselves and encourage each other.


SSH’s, Windmills, Mtn climbers, butt kickers, high knees and lateral lunges performed IC (mostly), rep’ counts ranging from 15-20 of each.

The Thang:

As mentioned on Nirvana channel pre-blast, QIC stuck to the plan laid-out several days before, BUT, a quick audit by Clemson U.-degreed bean counter, the real Woody, revealed an error! Rather than a 200 yd run, the *actual* run before each of the following exercises totaled 800 yards (an immaterial accounting error according to QIC). Acknowledging his error, QIC pressed on and lead the following:

2 laps, 5 burpees, then, add the following after every 2 laps…

10 Mercans

20 fwd lunges (Alpha-count)

40 BBSU’s

50 jump squats

audile called after round w/jumps squats to one lap (400 yds).

THEN, all PAX worked their way back down the “hill” of exercises, removing one at each interval.

RNG, @Mutton, finished first and had some veteran PAX company close on his heels. Some Mary for the 6, then, back to the shovel flag to round out the hour with

flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury’s, Peter Parkers, and, Parker Peters. All IC with rep’ range of 10-20/each.


PAX remembered those affected by lay-offs in tech industry, little ones with traumatic health issues as well as our brother, Dosido, with major health issue (hit him up on Slack and check in with him)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A book on leadership that I’m reading made a good point of reminding me how fundamental humility is in the life of a leader. The test of the level of a leader’s humility (according to the author) was to see how effectively he/she could deal with, or, even serve someone with whom he/she has significant difference(s). I struggle with that, and, need supernatural help to overcome my ego when faced with situations where I have to deal with others with whom I have to work with—even lead, but, with whom I have strong differences of opinion.  Working to improve and staying with you in the good fight to improve leadership qualities , Sprocket.

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