HIM in the Arena

AO: Firehouse

When: 03/02/2023

QIC: Better Call Saul

PAX (4): Better Call Saul, Closets closets closets, Glitter, Lightweight


It was raining once again for your QIC’s second Firehouse Q so we were under the pavilion.


SSH, Weedpickers, Sun Gods, Michael Phelps, Overhead Claps

The Thang:

Slow and steady strength training due to limited space – use of coupons as well

the date is 3/2/23 so we did exercises with 2, 3, 23 or 32 reps

  1. Air Drama and Plank Jacks
  2. Bend over rows and American Swings/Deadlifts with coupons (dumbbells and kettlebells)
  3. E2K (elbows to knees) ab work
  4. Goblet squats, chest presses and Frankensteins
  5. tricep dips
  6. Imaginary jump rope
  7. Rosalitas
  8. Ground Pounders

at the end we had a couple of minutes and the rain had let up so we moseyed down the hill and back up again

Music playlist:

  1. Eminence Front – The Who
  2. The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
  3. I Fought the Law – The Clash
  4. 20th Century Boy – T-Rex
  5. Wheel in the Sky – Journey
  6. Twilight Zone – Golden Earring
  7. Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
  8. Funk #49 – James Gang
  9. Love Removal Machine – The Cult
  10. Fight the Good Fight – Triumph


Acceleration Point/MOC:  QIC shared the text of what is known as the Man in the Arena by Teddy Roosevelt (which will be posted on slack at request of Glitter).  Pat on the back to the HIM who don’t sit on the sidelines but get in the arena and fight the good fight.  Getting up at 5:30 am multiple times per week to work out and become a better man IS getting into the arena.  So kudos to all of the F3 brothers and keep up the good work.

Prayers for our brothers who are under the weather and for Glitter’s aging parents and rest of his family.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I forgot to take a picture so please accept my apology – won’t let it happen again

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