Lower Body Blues

AO: Meathouse

When: 02/28/2023

QIC: Popper

PAX (8): Angus, BallBoy, Boomer, McCracken, Meatball, Mid-riff, Saint2O


YHC has been doing a lot of 0.0’s lately due to persistent plantar fasciitis and the advice of a podiatrist to lay off the running & jumping during treatment. The Meathouse is a great place for a 0.0 beatdown, with the ruck and coupon offering a good challenge even within a small radius. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day, and YHC dialed up a good program with lots of variety for the lower body.


Weed picker, Windmill, Imperial Walker, slow Butt Kickers, Michael Phelps in cadence.

The Thang:

Blues music is YHC’s happy place. Today’s program was six sets of exercises, each lasting the duration of a blues original and its cover that made the song famous. PAX were instructed to focus on form over speed and over finishing all reps within the time limit, told to take rests as they needed them, and to do the reps in whatever order or combination felt best.

Round Song Artist Year Time Rep Count Exercises w/Ruck & Coupon AMRAP
(Alternate 10 reps each side)
Min Sec 20 30 40
(20 each leg)
1 Statesboro Blues Blind Willie McTell 1928 6 50 Squat Thrusters Stiff-Leg Dead Lift Bulgarian Split Squats Monkey Humpers
Allman Brothers Band 1971
2 When the Levee Breaks Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe 1929 10 16 Mike Tysons Calf Raises
(Hold 3 seconds )
Step-Ups Side leg raises
Led Zeppelin 1971
3 Someday Baby Blues Sleepy John Estes 1935 6 46 Goblet Squats Bench Hip Thrusts
(Hold 3 seconds)
Single-leg Dead Lifts Rear leg raises
Allman Brothers Band 1969
4 Cross Road Blues Robert Johnson 1937 6 43 Sumo Squats Saturday Night Special
(Hold 3 seconds)
Forward Lunge Fire hydrants
Cream 1968
5 Hound Dog Big Mama Thornton 1952 5 6 Pulse Squats Romanian Dead Lift Backward Lunge Donkey kicks
Elvis Presley 1958
6 One Way Out Sonny Boy Williamson II 1962 6 55 Kettlebell Swings Ski Squats Bear Crawl
(20 steps each leg)
Allman Brothers Band 1971


Goodbye 2nd F for Lotus at Six Bridges at 6:30 tonight, 2/28.

Hillseeker this weekend with 2nd F at Variant. Check Slack.

Prayers for medical treatments and healing for various PAX and their wives. Prayers for a recently laid off relative to find new work. Prayers of humble reliance on Christ.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s always a pleasure to lead, even in my temporarily restricted capacity. Can’t wait to have my full range of exercises back and available to me. Until then, will continue kicking my own butt and any others who will join me with these 0.0 beatdowns.

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