I woke up on time

AO: Rubicon

When: 02/28/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (13): Cox, Deep dish, False Start, FannyPack, Groundhog, Knievel, lumbergh, Morphine, Red Ryder (D Mack), Shazam, Special K, Turbine, Zohan


Yesterday YHC was late to the beatdown (fortunately, not my Q). Signed up to Q at the Rubicon and hoped I won’t repeat last week’s fiasco at the Gladiator. Thankfully, I didn’t. Very few HCs on slack but PAX poured in and the parking lot looked much better with over a dozen men and their cinders!


A disclaimer was given, with emphasis on the importance of good form when handling cinders.

Run in the parking lot, including Bernie and side shuffles.

Circle up for SSH, Weed Pickers, World Greatest Stretch and Overhead Claps.

The Thang:

Pass the Dutchie – Circle up. Q the only one with a coupon. On the call of ‘down’ we all do a burpee (Q does Blockee). The Q passes the coupon to the man on the left and it’s their turn to call ‘down’. We did two rounds of Burpees, then one round of Squats and another of Merkins (Candance call, so 2 per person).

Stand by Your Man – Partner up. One coupon per partners. One partner on the ground doing big boys while the other stands next to them doing Thrusters. The goal is 100 of each exercise by each pax. Alternate as necessary (e.g., Turbine and I switched every 20).

Howling Monkeys – no coupons for this one. Circle up and hold Monkey Humpers position. Starting with the Q, one PAX at a time does 10 Monkey Humpers while the others just hold position. It went well until about the 9th PAX. Then YHC started to really regret this choice.

Suicide Sprints – All coupons but two were set aside. PAX lined up at one end of the parking lot and sprinted to the cinders. If you reached a cinder on the ground then pick it up and do 6 walking lunges, put it down. Mosey back. If you reached another PAX holding the cinder then just mosey back. Don’t wait for the 6 – when you’re back at the starting line sprint again. We continued until the cinders made it to the edge of the parking lot.

4 Corners – After a walking 10 count we confirmed there are enough cinders for all. YHC was ready to modify if not. Each corner had 20 reps of a coupon exercise and 30 reps of a no-coupon exercise.

  • Curls and American Hammers (alpha)
  • Kettlebell Swings and LBCs
  • Squats and Flatter Kicks (alpha)
  • Calf Raises and Freddie Mercury (alpha)

Murder Bunnies to those “yellow thingies bumps”. YHC could not articulate well at that point. Speed bumps.

Mary – On your back with cinder overhead and legs off the ground. 15 Bench Presses in cadence followed by 15 Flatter Kicks in cadence.


Blood drive on the 10th, and Hill Seekers and another NLB related challenge (ruck/run, different length options)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you for pushing me and inspiring me! Appreciate the opportunity to lead!

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