Cocaine Bear 🐻

AO: Norseman

When: 02/28/2023

QIC: Shortcake

PAX (18): Callahan, Cam's, Chapter 11, DeLorean, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Huffy, Knight Rider, Longshanks, Orvis, Password 123, Pepper, TMI, Walkie Talkie, FNG Roaster


Across the AO we go, I lead the group down to the old warm up ground for side straddle hops, imperial walkers, weed pickers, and a nice run/stroll past bear infested woods to the edge of AO where we dropped for 50 merkins then mosey back to football field. The light backpack worked well to light the way. 

The Thang:

Once the PAX arrived at football field, everyone picked up a solid coupon from the rip rap pile and met at the starting point/1yd line.

PAX split into 2 groups each in a line with each pax on a yardline to start the “Cocaine Bear Relay”. With coupon in tow, the man in the back of the line would run to the 36 yd line to commemorate the 36 years Shortcake has been 6 feet up.  The rest of men in each line performed skull crushers, french curls, curls, straight leg deadlift, power cleans, planking, lbc’s, crunches, etc. while listening to the tunes like Sweet Home Alabama. Callahan brought the intensity and started chants glorifying an Auburn eagle. The Cocaine Bear Relay concluded after 3 rounds to the 36 yd line, opposite 36 yd line and goal line. After each section, the group ran as a unit across the field and back to start of next section. 

Thang 2

 PAX stayed split into 2 groups, sat on ground without coupons in a row, locked arms, and carried out the impossible Cocaine Bear sit-up. When leader yells cocaine, group sits up, then group yells Bear as they go down. 

PAX moseyed back to rip rap pile to drop off coupons then up hill to parking lot.

At parking lot, Shortcake emphasized the importance of knee stability, mobility, and flexibility mentioning a guy named “kneesovertoesguy” who is helping people online with flexibility. PAX ran backwards to the flag in a cocaine stupor manner and worked on knee flexibility.



FNG received his name, “Roaster.”

PAX reminded of blue ridge mountain Relay opportunities. Reach out to Ha-Ha if interested.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Shout out to everyone that came out for a Cocaine Bear F3 experience. SYITG

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