Exicon Samples

AO: Boneyard

When: 02/24/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (9): FannyPack, Macbeth, Mater, Scrooge, Speedo, Trebek, Zohan, Brownie, Candy Crush (FNG)


I was signed up to Q on Tuesday at the Gladiator, and fartsacked. Sadly it wasn’t even the first time. I took over the Q from Feathers to redeem myself. I was so worried I’ll miss this one too, I posted shortly after 5am just to be on the safe side. I had to Qs planned, ended up mixing them up.


Slaughter Starter – 20 Burpees called, one by one, and in between YHC called out the disclaimer, 5 core principles, F3 credo and F3 mission.

Mosey in the parking lot, including backwards and side shuffles.

Circle up for SSH, Hillbillies, Moroccan Night Clubs and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

we went to the field. YHC demonstrated 4 less known exercises from the Exicon:

  • Travoltas – plank, left hand go under right arm then strait up. flapjack
  • Hydraulic Squats – think Squats meeting No Surrenders
  • Jumping SpidersĀ  – explosive merkin, jumping a little bit both arms and legs
  • Dr. W – A combo of Dolly, Rosalita and a Sit Up. YHC did not demonstrate it very well

Escalating 4 corners: start with 10 Travoltas in the first corner, then 10 Travoltas and 10 Hydraulic Squats in the next, 10-10-10 in the 3rd and finish with 10 of each on the 4th.

Squats and LBCs for the 6.

Timed Partner Workouts: Partner Up. YHC set a 4 minute timer and called 3 exercises. One PAX runs the short end of the field and back while the other does AMRAP of the first exercise, flapjack. Then 2nd exercise and flapjack. 3rd. If timer is still going then go back to first exercise. Stop when the timer runs out.

1st round – Peter Parkers, Burpees and Imperial Walkers

2nd round – Shoulder Taps, Flatter Kicks and Lunges

3rd Round – (increased to 5 minutes) Merkins, LBCs and Squats

The 4th round required the use of benches across the field, so YHC called a ‘recovery’ exercise – Flying Nuns. Lunge walk across the field while doing baby arm circles. Turns out there was nothing ‘recoveryable’ about it.

4th round – (back to 4 minutes) Derkins, Dips and Step Ups.

We had just enough time to run back to the flag and do 10 OYO Monkey Humpers.



Speedo was the 6 and we got to name our FNG Candy Crush

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