Hard 9

AO: Windjammer

When: 02/22/2023


PAX (11): Caroline, Cox, Deep dish, Dipstick, False Start, Mayflower, Maytag AI, Milli Vanilli, Stu, Walkie Talkie


Spring training is back  (along with warm temperatures)! When LaRussa led the Cardinals he demanded his players give a hard 9 every night – full effort for all nine innings every game. Let’s do a hard nine with a tribute to some of recent Cardinal greats.


Mosey around parking lot for SSHs, weed pickers, copperhead squats and a quick circle burp.

The Thang:

First inning, first exercise (# reps next to exercise). Run a lap, add the next exercise for the second inning, etc. all the way through all nine innings.

1 – Bobby Hurley

4 – H.R. Mercans

5 – Drydocks

7 – Bonnie Blairs

15 – Dying Cockroaches

27 – Squats

28 – Plankjacks

50 – Overhead Presses

51 – LBCs

Burpee penalty for not recognizing the uniform number of the players above. Not overly impressed with the pax knowledge of famous Cardinals : |

Grabbed coupons and circled up…11 reps (to honor 11 World Series championships) of wonder bras, skull crushers, curls, and bent over rows, moving two to the left after each set.

Back to flag…


Blood drive on March 10…see Slack for more details.

Hillseeker next weekend. Stu will Q next Wednesday to help prepare.

Prayers for Milli’s friend, Jim, who’s undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and appreciate everyone’s dedication coming out every week. I always loved LaRussa’s message – maximum effort on the field for yourself and your teammates will more often than not yield success (if only he had better starting pitching).

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