Physical: 3

AO: Academy

When: 02/21/2023

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (3): Avis, Devito


As alluded to on Slack, YHC had some downtime for some trash TV during recovery, and I’m a sucker for a sports competition show (no matter how absurd it is)!

Today’s beatdown was inspired by the Netflix strongman competition Physical:100, in which athletes of various backgrounds compete in a series of simple challenges to decide who is the strongest.



The Thang:

The goal was to test equal parts strength, speed, stamina, and endurance.

Punishment of Atlas: Hold a cinder block over your head for as long as you can. Winner: Devito

Mosey a lap around the track, then

The Plank: Hold a low plank for as long as possible. Winner : Mayhem or Avis, I can’t remember because after 2:30 we went to push ups.

Another lap around the track, then moved to the infield.

Murder Bunny Sprint: Murder Bunny from one end of the football field to the other. Winner: Avis

Mile Time Trial: Run a mile as fast as possible. Winner: Mayhem

Took our coupons on a walk after this over to the parking deck.

The Punishment of Sisyphus: Remember that tale from Greek Mythology where the guy had to push a rock up a hill for all eternity? PAX loaded their cinder into a wagon. Two Pax would push/pull the wagon all the way to the top of the parking deck, while the 3rd Pax “raced” them to the top (but they had to do 5 burpees at every turn). We did three rounds of this, and the wagon always won. Winner: Wagon full of cinder blocks.

Mosey back to the flag for one final challenge:

The Wings of Icarus: Hang from a beam. Last one still hanging wins. Winner: Avis (not a surprise)




Prayers of safety for Devito’s M during her travels, and Devito’s sanity while she’s away.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

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