By our powers combined!

AO: Gladiator

When: 02/21/2023


PAX (18): Bo Knows, Cheneral, defcon2, Irene, Ironhead, Judy, Macbeth, Manchester, RaspberryPi, Scratch-Off, Spandex, Speedo, Stroller, Tar Heel, TheBigShort, Brownie, Common Law (FNG)


6 Pre Runners (can you believe that, 6?!) started off the morning with a freaking fast trip down Branch Valley (yuck). Little did we know… there was something truly special in our future…

Once in awhile we witness something truly special at the Gladiator…this morning, we witnessed the fartsacking of a Q and got to do a Group Q!

I informed the PAX that I would start the workout and then “popcorn” pass the next exercise to another PAX. By our powers combined, the Group Q began!


DREAMER (Hey! That’s me! Look at that – a shoutout in the backblast!) took the PAX around the parking lot for some light running, some shuffling and bernie’s moseying, and then to a circle for some stretching.

The Thang:


  • Get a partner.
  • 1 partner does balls to the wall, the other run across the parking lot.
  • Group repeated for each person to have 3 turns.



  • PAX moseyed to the field to the top of the goal box
  • While making a long line across the top of the box, group air-chaired while the last person in line bear-crawled past each member giving high fives
  • Line continued and snaked around the field in various combinations of front / sideways / reverse bear crawling


  • 4 Corners with burpees
  • Starting in 1 corner, do 2 pumps (aka 2 merkins) and 5 burpees.
  • Increase the pumps at each corner (3, 4, and 5)


  • PAX circled the large center circle for a round of duck duck goose while doing exercises waiting for your turn to get “goosed”
  • PAX noticed some incredible speed from Bo Knows, Iron Head, and Irene


  • PAX moseyed to the bottom of the flag hill for a round of “5’s” (4 squats / 1 burpee at the top, continue


  • Judy called for a ring of fire with various styles of merkins (normal, diamond, normal)


  • Q called for circle burp and high knee till time ran out



  • April CSAUP is coming up. See Stroller for more info (if you dare!)
  • Welcome Nathan (F3 Common Law!)
  • Reminder to keep an eye out for PAX that we haven’t seen in awhile…

Naked-Man Moleskin:

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.” – DL Moody

What a morning!

Tar Heel shared that beautiful quote this morning and it’s so true. Let us focus on what truly matters and not building our little empires of straw. Grateful for each of you and proud of how easily each man steps up to lead without grumble or complaint.


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