Really long Four Corners

AO: Jericho

When: 02/20/2023

QIC: Hushpuppy

PAX (9): Baskins, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Happy Tree, Hushpuppy, Napalm, Olaf, Package, Schneider, Swiper


It was time to really “explore the studio space” of Cumming City Center, so we were going to hit the 4 corners of the entire property.  YHC promised a new variation of the ever-popular Wolverine.


Mosey followed by SSH, Abe Vigoda, Good Morning, Mountain Man Poopers. At this time YHC demonstrated the Wolverine Twist in all its glory and explained the 4 corners, escalator style BD.

The Thang:

Travel to 1st corner.  15 Wolverine Twists. Lots of mumble chatter about how “some say it’s easier than the original Wolverine”.
Travel to 2nd corner 15 squats + 8 Wolverine Twists.
Travel to 3rd corner. 25 WWI Sit Ups + 15 squats + 8 Wolverine Twists.

Travel to 4th corner. 25 walk-out merkin to jump tucks + 25 WWI Sit Ups + 15 squats + 8 Wolverine Twists.

Mary consisted of Freddie Mercury, Reverse LBCs, American Hammers, Merkin, Box Cutter


Prayers for family members with cancer and aging parents.

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