Cinders by a landslide

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/17/2023

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (5): aflac, Blue, Moonshine, Rooney- timlonergan


YHC put a poll on slack for cinder vs no cinder workout. And cinders won the vote. As I heard the rain coming down in buckets at 3 am, I was wondering where is the thunder or lightening? But it never came.

As I pulled up to the wreck, seeing who had braved the rain (which was much lighter), Blue had created an F3 totem pole. Coffee at the bottom, a crate, and speaker. He was blasting music, moving around like Rocky in the rain. It was great coming up to the mayhem.


Did a quick mosey around the parking lot and back to the flag for:

SSH, Toy soldiers, slow squats, Peter Parker’s, and mountain climbers.

The Thang:

Grabbed a cinder and cusack to the playground for some cover. We did the following:

3 exercises with increasing reps, for 2 rounds. Here are some of the exercises:

10 butt to block squats

20 curls

30 hammers

10 Bulgarian split squats

20 curls

30 lbcs

We also did some dead lifts, thrusters, rows, and probably a few others. Called a hot lap at one point, which necessitated a run to the road, doing a burpee, and running back down.

Got back to the flag a little early, so did a plank, with 1 pax running to the end and back. Then rotated through and reached time.


the fab 4 made it MWF this week, great work Rooney, Blue, Aflac, and Moonshine!

Prayers for moonbeam and her neighbor, Sparks’s mom.

bear and a few others are raising money for Kyle pease foundation. Juul and goat raising money for Lebanon. QR codes at COT for more info.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always enjoy leading this group.


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