AO: Norseman

When: 02/16/2023

QIC: Fresh Prince

PAX (14): AWOL, Cam's, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Huffy, Orvis, Password 123, Pepper, Pumba, Shooter, Stu, TO, Untouchable, Venus_Norseman


Today was my first Q, I am so grateful for this group and the fun we have together. I wanted to create something special. Besties was a workout designed to test our strength and teamwork! We started by carrying a tree together while we ran to the workout spot. We had to move the tree 100 yards with sit-ups, there was a BD on a football field, doing a mix of exercises at each of the 6 station. We did burpees, squats, broad jumps, turkish-get-ups,  LBCs, and merkins. We even got to do wall sits and handstands After the BD was complete, we ended with some coffee and fellowship, a great time working out with their bestie!

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