Tired Tuesday

AO: Galaxy

When: 02/14/2023

QIC: Wideright

PAX (10): Abacus (Mark Green), DIGIT, Drain Hole, Fireball, Fondue Guy, Jorts, So So Def, Sparky, Steamer, Wideright


Disclaimer and warm up

partner up and grab 1 tire per group

The Thang:


Round 1 (pax 2 BW run)

Pax 1 tire slams

Pax 1 spare tire squats

Pax 1 curls

Pax 1 decline tire rolls

Pax 1 sit ups

Pax 1 up downs

Pax 1 over head press


Sparky mom – in KENNESAW ICU

3rd F this weekend

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