Love is in the Air

AO: Rubicon

When: 02/14/2023

QIC: Trebek

PAX (12): Dipstick, False Start, Groundhog, Jump Seat, lumbergh, Mayflower, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Special K, Trebek, Turbine, Walkie Talkie


I was developing a plan for the beatdown, when my M came in and asked if I was doing a Valentine’s Day Q. Oh, ****! Forgot! (Um, yes, of course honey…) Pivot. With some inspiration from the Backblast history, a February 14 theme unfolded.


Parking lot for the disclaimer, along with:

14 SSH

14 WPs

14 Hillbillies

and some Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Over to the FOD, with a stop to grab a coupon. We dropped our coupons off just outside the right field pole, not to risk damaging the new turf. Mosey to home plate.

Modified Indian run around the field… last man is the quarterback, first man is receiver. After you’ve attempted to catch the ball, go to the back of the line and you’re the quarterback. One burpee penalty for every incompletion. And we completed a grand total of one pass. Q hindsight: should have brought the glow-in-the-dark football instead of the black one when it’s dark. Modified to 7 burpees instead of the earned 11.

In honor of ValDay, each PAX found a cute partner. One partner would run clockwise, and the other counterclockwise. Each time they passed each other, they both did two burpees. And to make more of a heart-shaped path, the stations were: RF Pole, 2B, LF Pole, Home.

Since it’s 2/14… We did 2 laps, 14 exercises of each:

Home: Lunges (AC); LF: Merkins; 2B: Squats; RF: Curls; Plank for the 6….

Then repeat-ish… 2 laps, 14 each:

Home: Dips; LF: HR Merkins; 2B: Jump Squats; RF: Skull Crushers; Plank for the 6….

Then repeat-ish… 2 laps, 14 each:

Home: Bonnie Blairs (SC) LF: Diamond Merkins; 2B: Sumo Squats; RF: Overhead Press; Plank for the 6….

We finished with the Tunnel of Love. Each PAX lined up in a high plank with hands on the foul line. Last mine crawled through the tunnel. When the reached the end, they had to yell something romantic. What they yelled said a lot about them, let me tell you.

Back to the flag.


Recap of successful EMT training!

Blood drive coming in March…stay tuned.

Prayers for No-See-Ums M, traveling.

Prayers for the Michigan State community.

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