Double Trouble

AO: Badapple

When: 02/13/2023

QIC: Dosido

PAX (10): Avis, goat, No-See-Um, Rusty, Spider, Sprocket, The Real Woody, The_OG Zima, TheBurn


It’d been so long since my last Q here, i believed i had never actually Q’d here. Looking forward to this all weekend, I wanted to create something tough, something that would linger a couple days in the body.

Pre-BD instructions: 2 cinders per person, no other tease offered


These boys don’t need a stinkin warmup, but we did a quick one anyhow:

20x SSH

1 Lap parking lot

9x weed pickers

The Thang:

Grab all cinders and gear, head down to the far end of the soccer field with the Badapple Bucket Light saving us from complete darkness down there. The evolution is as follows:

Grab a partner and focus everything we do on staying lock step with your brother. If he stops carrying, you stop carrying. Encourage each other, push each other, but always stay together. Share all Reps in unison. Talk it out, make a plan, execute everything together.


Double Trouble:

Double cinder Farmer’s carry the Full field and back (~200yds?)

150 Big Boy situps (75ea in unison)

repeat the Farmer’s carry

100 Merkins (50ea in unison)

repeat the Farmer’s carry

100 Overhead Cinder Presses (50ea in unison)

repeat the Farmer’s carry

100 Weighted Squats (50ea in unison)

repeat the Farmer’s carry (last one)

Once the six was in Avis lead us in some cool-down flutter kicks, then Spider insisted on 10 burpees, then QIC called for a lazy lap around the field.

As a team, get all cinders back to the flag. Time for 30 seconds of Rosalita (maybe not EVER called at BA prior to today) …Rosalita?!?


Due to travels this weekend, Rusty is leading The Murph Thursday for those interested. Prayers lifted especially for the things we kept unspoken, but were on our hearts

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great seeing all you guys out there today, way to push through the Farmer’s pain! Thankful for even numbers! gotta go, my forearms are aching from all this typing

Dosi out

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