AO: Windjammer

When: 02/08/2023

QIC: Dr. Rico

PAX (15): Brutus, Caroline, Cox, Deep dish, False Start, NRA, Sparkie, Stu, Townie, Walkie Talkie


There was a bet that I wasn’t a part of, and I’m pretty sure was fake anyway…but I haven’t been with my friends at Windjammer in a while so I was easily swayed to Q! Plus it gave me an opportunity to wear a bunch of Niners gear at 5:30am, make all the PAX follow me running with a 49ers flag, and threaten to throw batteries at Brutus (Eagles fan…boooooo!).


We had a couple unfortunate PAX who either had bad parents or made poor decisions in their lives and don’t root for the 49ers.  The goal of the BD was to help them see the light!


A quick mosey to the dam for:

16 SSH

16 Hillbillies

17 Weedpickers

YHC was a little rusty with the counting and such but we made it throughn

The Thang:

We did some Niners trivia about the legends that previously played for the Niners…what other franchises can compete with names like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Deion Sanders?  Trivia losers had to do 5 burpees in honor of the number of Super Bowls the 49ers have won.

We ran some hills and threw around some rocks.  False Start was hit with a couple Illegal Touching penalties…typical False Start behavior.

One final mosey for a punt/pass/kick competition in conjunction with some trivia about the current legends on the team…not many squads could be one game away from the Super Bowl with their backup QB, let alone their 3rd stringer.


Niners are awesome

Brutus admitted that the Eagles would have lost if our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd string QBs were healthy (at least that was what I remember happening)

We learned that the reason that everyone loves the studs at The Windjammer is because it turns out there is not one single Cowboys fan in the group!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Eagles Suck

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