A mound of fun with Burpees, Bear Crawls Blocks and more

AO: Starting Line

When: 02/08/2023

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez, toadstool


The mound had been left out of the BD plans and I felt it needed some attention and with my plan to continue to keep the push factor high I had a plan to add in some of everyone’s favorite exercises so Burpees and Bear crawls were at the top  of the list and the plan was formulated to include them into the festivities.

Toadstool and I went for a pre-ruck to start the fun then Suarez and SirMixalot arrived in time to be a part of the BD.

Mosey was begun


This morning I added in a long mosey out of the park, around the racing hall of fame then circled up in the parking area behind the hall of fame
Weed Pickers
Willie Mays Hayes
Copperhead Squats
Moroccan Night Clubs
Michael Phelps OYO
We then moseyed to the mound between the Park and Food Lion to start the events of the morning.

The Thang:

11s on the Mound
1 Squat Thruster with Cinder block
Bear Crawl to the landing
5 Rocking Horses – BBSU with Hills to Heaven at the end
Mosey to the bottom
10 burpees
Bear Crawl to the top
5 more Rocking Horses as toll
Mosey Down
2 Squat Thrusters with Cinder blocks
Bear Crawl up the mound to the landing
Continued on till the 11s were done
Great job by Suarez, he was pushing us to complete the 11s

My plan was a round of 7s but time did not allow that so time to modify
10 Elf on Shelves
Take your cinder block with you up the mound to the landing
10 merkins
Carry the cinders down to the other side
20 Reverse LBCs with Cinder Block then 20 Bench presses with the block to finish the Thang

We then took the blocks to the closest part of the parking lot to make it easy to grab the cinders on the way out then headed to the Flag

Nicely done by Sir Mixalot, Suarez and Toadstool, thanks for showing up, & putting in the work on this one!


Second F event Tuesday February 21st
Hard 75 starts on the 2oth

Acceleration Point
One I used before but still good
Bison when a storm is coming do not run or hide, they see the storm then run to and through the storm to get past the situation faster and we need to do the same, When we see something coming prepare for it, take the situation head on and it well help you overcome/get past the thing you are facing

Prayers of the people recovering from the recent earthquake

Ended in pray then on to Coffeeteria

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Toadstool for supplying the Java!
Soon after the BD it was time for me to head out and get the 2.0s to school.

Thankful for the chance to lead this morning and thankful for the men of F3, now it is time to Face the storms and find ways to help/encourage the people we come in contact with today!

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