A Gazelle, Lizard, Clydesdale and Electric Turtle walk into a Running Group

AO: Hoppylike

When: 02/03/2023

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (20): Avis, Caffey, DeLorean, Devito, Ha-ha, Hollywood, HotSauce, Knight Rider, Lefty, lumbergh, Mayhem, Nacho Libre, No-See-Um, Orvis, Pepper, Shooter, Stu, Sunshine, TopHat, Turbine

The Thang:

Ha-ha Week day 5 brought out the runners and non-runners alike. guess what . You are all runners!

4 routes were offered this morning so that all would finish together up Westside Parkway:

Gazelle 7:20 pace group: https://onthegomap.com/s/fv2hi0vsLizard 8:20 pace group: https://onthegomap.com/s/b2ht55dhClydesdale 9:30 pace group: https://onthegomap.com/s/ohs39433Electric Turtle 10:13 pace group: https://onthegomap.com/s/nbhrgnn0Let’s see which group can hit their mark without getting back early!

Only 3 groups this morning, no takers for the “Electric Turtle” route.

The results:

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks once again for indulging me. I’ll slink back into the shadows next week, I promise.

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