Happy Annie-versary

AO: Boneyard

When: 02/03/2023

QIC: Feathers

PAX (5): Bo Knows, Boomer, Speedo, Zohan


Feb 5 marks 5 years since my first BD.  I’ll be leading at the place where it all started – the Hooch, next week, so consider this a pre-annie-versary.


Carry coupons to the center of the LAX field, and circle up for warmups consisting of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, and an easy mosey around the field.

The Thang:

Grumbling about the lack of a Feathers playlist

Pax inside the circle, partner up for max reps tabata.  One partner performs each exercise until failure, then swap – repeat as many times as needed to make it to the buzzer.

Each set consists of a five minute tabata, broken into two 2:30 cycles, with a 30 second rest in the middle and a 30 second rest between sets.

Set 1 – Annies (of course)  / LBCs

30 second rest

Set 2 – Coupon Curls / Squats

Interlude – Crazy 8s (or mosey donut mosey): mosey in square circle around the East half of the field and back to center, bear crawl halfway around the central circle, mosey around West half of the field and back to center, bear crawl around other half of the central circle.

Set 3 – Shoulder Press / Body Builders

30 second rest

Set 4 – Skull Crushers / Flutter kicks (audibled from Skull Crushers to curls for second half – gotta get those beach muscles primed)

Postlude – Another set of Crazy 8s.

Epilogue – Super 10s – ascending sets of Annies + Big Boys, starting at 1 rep each and working up to 10.

Zamperini to the flagless flag area.


Reminder of the Ha-Ha Barkley 5K tomorrow, praises for Bo Knows’ wife’s treatments coming to an end.  Reminder that it’s the little victories that matter. More grumbling about the lack of a Feathers playlist.

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