A Q is trustworthy, loyal, etc. AND is ALWAYS PREPARED

AO: The Bridge

When: 02/03/2023

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (6): Animal, Birdie, Maguire, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter


Back in his younger days, YHC wore the uniform and had to memorize all the things that a Scout is, earn his canoeing merit badge, and learn a key lesson that he applies to day: BE PREPARED. So with the weather about as predictable as a toddler’s eating habits (plus the upcoming changes to the parking deck at The Bridge), it was critical to have plans A, B, and C in place. Lo and behold – NO RAIN. Plan A in place (although we started at the deck vs. the normal flag location, as monsoons were originally predicted), quick disclaimer was made (veteran crew), and with our rucks on, off we went.


12 each of:


Willie Mays Hays

Moroccan Nightclubs


Wosey (walk/mosey, as we all had rucks) across the back lot to the rock walk at the start of the path to Peachtree Corners Crossing, 15 Copper Head Squats. Continue wosey to the next rock wall by Peachtree Corners Crossing, 10 mercans. Continue wosey to the pullup bars.

The Thang:

  1. Pax conducted a modified Mini Murph, which included:
    1. 10 pullups (modified as necessary)
    2. Wosey to the path entrance block wall, do 10 mercans
    3. Wosey to the walk wall closest to the back lot, do 30 squats
    4. Wosey back towards the rock wall at Peachtree Corners Crossing, do 10 mercans
    5. Wosey back to the pullup bars
    6. Continue, completing 50 pullups, 100 mercans, 150 squats. Pick up the 6, wosey back to the ramp at the parking deck

2. Rolling Dry Hump: Starting with 1 alpha count walking lunge, 1 Carolina drydock, and 2 monkey humpers, PAX proceeded in said multiples until completing 10 alpha walk lunges, 10 drydocks, and 20 monkey humpers. Turn around at top of ramp, complete the evolution, wosey to bottom of the ramp. Wosey back to the start point.

3. Mary, to include: 15 Imperial Walkers, and planks held until TIME was called



  1. Don’t forget the CPR training (put on by Cookie and Walkie-Talkie) next Friday, Feb 10 at 9 am. Check Slack for details
  2. Praises for Birdie (successful completion of a difficult project), and prayers for Potter (patience while serving and Mr. Mom for 2 teenagers), and Dinghy (prayers for the right opportunity to present itself)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, it was an absolute privilege to lead the men of The Bridge. Let’s make sure we’re giving the Q sheet the love that it deserves!

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