We Jammed and became Better Men today

AO: Widowmaker

When: 01/28/2023

QIC: Walkie Talkie

PAX (15): Cox, Deep dish, DeLorean, Dipstick, Feathers, Funyun, Knight Rider, Lotus, Mater, NRA, Scrooge, Sparkie, Sunshine, Floatie


Waiting, watching the clock it’s 7:00, it’s got to stop…a 15Pax & 1 FNG showed up…no better way to start the weekend than with a F3 Beatdown & some Pearl Jam. Yes, DJ Walkie had prepared his Pearl Jam Greatest Hits. Let’s Friggin go!


Mosey to the bottom of the Namesake for some SSH, Weed Pickers, Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles & Michael Phelps.

The Thang:

Congrats to @Funyun & his bride on 27 years of marriage. We got started on the Namesake Hill with 2 Steps Forward & 1 Step Back (that is a Paula Abdul song but we stuck with Pearl Jam)-

half way up the hill then 27 Carolina Dry Docks; 1/4 run back then 27 Monkey Humpers

run to 3/4 then 27 Crunchy Frogs; back to half way mark then 27 more Carolina Dry Docks

run to top then 27 Merkins; back to 3/4 then 27 more Crunchy Frogs

back to top for 27 more Merkins; we planked for the Six; and some Dying Cockroachs & Box Cutters to top it off. Congrats, you ran that thing twice…”Just Breathe”

The Lesson – Sometimes in life we take 2 Steps Forward & 1 Step Back but every step forward is progress so keep stepping.

Mosey to the lot & grab a coupon…”one you can do curls with” said the Q.

We circled up for 27 Curls, followed by 27 Mike Tysons & 27 LBCs in 2 Teams in the corners, back to the center for 27 Overhead Press, repeat the corners, 27 Skull Crushers, repeat the corners, 27 Colt 45s, repeat the corners, & wrap with 27 more Colt 45s. Some Pax were cursing their coupon by the end which is good…we’re Better.

Mosey to the picnics tables for 50 Dips

Mosey back to the Turf Field for Squats on Curduroy, Merkins on Dissident, Lunges on Animal…mixed in some half laps on Pax call.

Rearviewmirror is one of my favorite driving fast songs so we did 50-yard sprint races to hit.

“No burpees yet?” Go called for SSH & Burpee on “Go”

Wrapped with some Mary. Time!


Welcome to the Team @Floatie. Windward-resident & friend of @Sparkie & @WalkieTalkie Great work today!

Thanks to @Sunshine for sharing his story & Congrats on 7 years of F3. Awesome.

CPR/AED training class on Friday 2/10 9-10:30 in Alpharetta (1125 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 101) Will post sign up link. Sponsored by @Cookie’s LunsPro Home Inspection company and @Walkie Talkie Realtor (Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s)

Awesome work today, Gentlemen! We’re Still Alive so keep becoming a Better Man daily.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Feeling Alive & Grateful today…”Oh, I’m a lucky man to count on both hands, the ones I love. Some folks just have one. Yeah, others they got none”

Feeling Better today…”I guess it was the beatings made me wise….saw things SO much clearer once you were in my rear view mirror”

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