NLB meets Marsoc

AO: The Bound

When: 01/25/2023

QIC: MillerTime

PAX (14): Cookie, Ha-ha, Nacho Libre, Red Ryder (D Mack), Scampi, Tricycle (Mike Stolorena), Phanatic, Training Wheels, Zamboni, Yellowstone, Biebs, Elvis (FNG), JumpShot (FNG)


Nasty Day with the sky lighting up as two pre runners came back in.  Pulled the plug on plan A and went to contingency under shelter.  Always a favorite of YHC to bust out the MARSOC short card for such an occasion.



The Thang:

Approximately 20 sets of Mercans, burpees, dollys, supermans, squats, mountain climbers, windmills, more mercans, more burpees, buzzsaw, Hammers, more mercans, more burpees, Pike push ups, more mercans and burpees.

Next we hit the weight room for a morning call version except it was hit your max number of pull ups.  23 was the high number but many between 15 and 20.

Next up was static boat hold while partner B did 25 BB situps and swap.

Next was Plank and Mercans and swap


Two New FNG’s as many new men have entered the program.  Welcome to JumpShot and Elvis

Cookie announced his race on the greenway March 25th.

Prayers for Scampi’s M going back to work and Phanatic’s wife dealing with morning sickness.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Nobody was left behind today as we worked as a team to complete the evolutions.

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