A Q Cannot Be Late, A Q Cannot Be Late, A Q Cannot…

AO: Meathouse

When: 01/24/2023

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (5): Boomer, McCracken, Mid-riff, PuffDaddy


One would think that after an Arctic blast, post-New Year’s rain, flooding, and all other sorts of weather and other issues, YHC would be in “anticipation” mode given the 25-ish degree morning that was anticipated for this morning’s beatdown. And yet no – despite dry conditions, a sheet of ice covered the Ram 1500’s windshield, eliminating the ability to see out the front. Not wanting to run over an early morning jogger / dog walker OR ride with his head out the window, YHC then had to use precious minutes to chip away the ice, ensuring a Q’s second-worst nightmare: Being late (the worst, of course, is accidentally fart sacking). So, message of “Coming in Hot” was sent to all, land speed record was set from Buice Road to Town Center (except for the light at Old Alabama). Three minutes late is three minutes too many, but given the veteran crew, was able to dramatically shorten the disclaimer, and off we went (albeit at 5:33).


Abbreviated warmup to include:

12 Weedpickers

12 Hillbillies

12 Moroccan Nightclubs

Farmer’s carry blocks to the ramp

The Thang:

Since the ramp is going to go under the jack hammer in February, YHC was determined to utilize it while he could, To that end, YHC also thought “If 11’s are good, 22’s should be even better!”

So, starting at the bottom of the ramp, PAX did 1 kettlebell swing. Farmer’s carry to halfway up the ramp. PAX then did 10 squat thrusters (first 11). PAX proceeded with Farmer’s carry to top of the ramp for 1 stiff leg deadlift, then Farmer’s carry back down, then 10 more squat thrusters (second 11). Proceed back down ramp, do 2 kettlebell swings, and so on until 10 KB swings, 1 squat thruster, 10 deadlifts, 1 squat thruster. Plank for 6.

Farmers carry blocks to the flag, then 7’s combining steps ups and dips (with rucks).

Rucks then off for Mary, where we did 15 Gas Pumpers, 15 American Hammers, 15 Dying Cockroaches, 15 Box Cutters, 20 Mercans, and 15 pickle pounders….and that was time (again, albeit at 6:18).


Don’t forget about the CPR/AED Training on Feb 10 at Walkie-Talkie’s office. Check Slack for details. Hill Seeker is also approaching in March.

Prayers for: McCracken’s sister in law, Sandy, as she undergoes surgery; Puff Daddy and the Cantrell/Evans families as they journey to Colorado to celebrate ReadyMix’s life and to heal; Dinghy as he works to find his next professional chapter.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Firstly, thanks to the hardy PAX who tolerated YHC’s tardiness and put up with a late start/stop. One always gets lessons in acting as a Q. It goes without saying that the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” was put in place for a reason. Whether adapting to the weather at the AO, a broken cinder block,  OR trying to scrape ice off one’s windshield, one must anticipate these kinds of things or else all goes into chaos at worst (or, at best, you start your beatdown 3 minutes late). Regardless, being the Q doesn’t just build your physique, it also helps you improve your leadership skills (including that anticipation / adaptation skill). YHC strenuously recommends ALL PAX take advantage of the opportunities afforded by getting on that Q sheet – you won’t regret it.

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