Ego Check

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/20/2023

QIC: Blue

PAX (8): aflac, Blue, Grouch, Moonshine, Pusher (Ader Jean), rip, Rooney- timlonergan, Sic’em


Disclaimer issued

DiCCS issued


Mosey to playground

Various stretches

The Thang:

Grab a lifting coupon & Cusack to the wood steps by big hill

4 rounds of:

  • Bicep curls x 20
  • Skull Crushers x 20
  • Merkin on Coupon x 20
  • race your partner up the steps

Mosey to Football Field

Fight for Every Inch (20 yards)

  • Regular
  • High Knees
  • Side to side (left)
  • Side to side (right)
  • Backwards
  • Bear Crawl

Hoppy Frog (Team 1 vs Team 2)

  • Star Jump x 3
  • V-up x 3
  • Burpee x 3
  • 3 hops forward
  • Get to the finish, go back and help a teammate

Sharks and Minnows

Mosey to Flag,  putting coupons back as we went



Prayers for Cardinal widow and daughters, gratitude for F3 Nation raising over $100,000 (

Prayers for F3 men who are in job transition (or worry that they may soon be).


Naked-Man Moleskin:

I am deeply grateful for an F3 brother who pulled me aside to help me check my ego.

Helping me improve as a leader helps me be a better son, husband, father, and professional–overall a better man.

I appreciate how F3 is helping be around men who are changing my life.

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