Stay In Your Lane!

AO: Crossroads

When: 01/18/2023

QIC: El Matador

PAX (4): Caffey, Hollywood, TopHat


A few cars were a bit confused about where their lane was, makes it unpredictable for those of us who like to run on the roads!

The Thang:

Mosey through the usual neighborhoods.  The Q called an audible and stayed off the Milton HS trails, a little muddy and washed out.  The track (no speedwork) was a nice cruise, we got to see the local Lacrosse talent getting ready.  They weren’t as excited to be up early as Caffey was!  Nice run fellas.


Prayers for Tophat’s M, comfort and patience for upcoming surgeries.  Caffey’s grandmother (95 years old, wow!) has been fighting COVID, prayers there as well.

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